Create Magic In Your Own Life

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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.-Walt Disney


  Uncle Walt was my hero growing up and at first I thought it was because of Disney World and his cartoons.  What I have realized on my journey that all of his creations and the creations that his company (for better or for worse) are outer manifestations of Walt's rich inner world.  Hence, Disney World!


  I have had people tell me that I am "lucky."  Unfortunately for those people they were not there for the first part of my life where I could not catch a break be it professionally or personally.  Always feeling like the loser.  Or at the very least, feeling like I was not living up to my standards and expectations.


  What happened was one day I decided that I was not going to be defined by my past.  That I am more than what my current circumstances are showing.  


  Yes, were in crazy times.  Were are in the middle of a pandemic, an economic crisis and racial tensions are high.  Well, the 60s were crazy and a lot of people flourished during that decade.  




  It is because they saw through the lies that society was telling them and instead dug deeper and stood firmly in who they are and what they believe in.


  Create Magic In Your Own Life is about creating a lifestyle that you love.  The lifestyle that you have always wanted.  No, you don't need to make a lot of money to do it.  No, you don't need to have a team around you to do it.  All you need at the core is self belief.  


  Join us with our weekly videos, daily blogs, audios and more that you can use.  The goal is that one day you will not need this anymore because you are living the life that you have dreamt of.