AmpliTube 4

Now you can mic up your cabinet with up to two microphones in a full 3D space. AmpliTube 4 comes with 3 microphone, with an additional 15 highly coveted recording microphone models available in the Custom Shop providing a truly hyper-realistic sound capturing environment. The room microphones can also be chosen from the available mics.

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What A Wonderful World

Download the album now!  ‎What a Wonderful World by Misan Akuya on Apple Music


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Directories - The Indie Bible

A SET of 3 music directories that includes the INDIE BIBLE, INDIE BIBLE ONLINE DATABASE and INDIE VENUE BIBLE. The bundle provides contact information for 4,000 Radio Stations, 1,000 Music Blogs, 900 Record Labels, 1,000 Music Magazines, 30,000 Music Venues & Festivals and much more!

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