Just Who Is This Guy Anyway?

Well, read and find out!


Misan Akuya is among one of Hollywood’s next wave of young talent. Born in Columbia Maryland on September 11 1992, Misan enjoyed the art of acting and filmmaking at a young age. Misan began acting in community theater and even made his first short film at age 11, a cut out animated short called going to war. But from, 2006 to 2011 Misan was away from acting and focused on high school and the sport of auto racing.

Being with a part as a union soldier in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Misan began acting in films such as A Split Personality, Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions, Koming from Afrika, & Growing up in two. Misan also appeared on an episode of Veep,, all the while studying theater at Montgomery College.  All the while, Misan was the lead singer/songwrtier and rhythm guitarist for the Maryland based garage band, Quantum Entanglement.

In July 2014 Misan moved to Los Angeles California to further pursue his career. He played supporting roles in the short film The Anarchist Theory, and the tv series One Big Happy.

But 2014 marked when Misan Akuya added writer and director to his credits with writing, directing, and starring in two student films: A stop motion short called I’m A Vampire, and a live action dramatic short called Mastery.

In 2015 Misan worked on his third short that he wrote, directed, starred in and co composed another live action dramatic short called Elsewhere.   Elsewhere has since gone on to play at the Maryland International film festival and The Wiper Film Festival and will on Shorts International TV, the biggest name in short films.  Afterwards Misan appeared in the music video, Hollywood Rain, and in the film, True to the game.

In 2016, Misan went back to his stop animation roots and wrote, produced, and directed Spider, a stop animation short in which he provided the voices for the only two characters.  Misan voice directed and starred in a radio play version of Edgar Allan Poe’s only play, Politian that same year.  He also joined the voice cast of the Monroes, an animated web series.

After this, Misan was cast as Tyler on the short lived animated Web Series, The Calling.  He then went on to star in the mini new series, Midnight Update, which he created and directed as well.

Misan is now tackling being a singer/songwriter.  Previously, Misan was in several garage bands and has played the guitar for years.  Once COVID-19 hit, Misan felt compelled to share his music with the world.

As Misan continues his career he also continues his love of racing. Misan continues to race in go kart races around the country. Misan is a multi instrumentalist playing the guitar, drums, piano, and clarinet.

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